What have i learned about food,nutrition and digestion

Gap-fill exercise

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absorbed 🤯 stomach 🔥 food additives 🔥 Nutrition Flag 🔥 liver 🔥 enzyme 🔥 vitamins 🔥 fats 🔥 proteins 🔥 fiber 🔥 age 🔥 water 🔥 gender 🔥 minerals 🔥 digest 🔥 carbohydrates

1-Rice, bread and noodles are examples of food that are rich in .
2- helps the food we eat to move properly through our digestive system to produce soft feces.
3-Our body needs for growth and repair.
4- help to maintain healthy skin and hair.
5-Fruits and vegetables contain and which help to keep the body healthy.
6-Water helps to transport nutrients to cells,get rid of waste products from the body and control the body temperature.
7-Each person needs different amount of energy depending on his or her , and activity level.
8- is used to suggest a range of daily serving from each group of food.
9-Eating too much food that contain is harmful for our health
10-The saliva in our mouth contains the that digests starch into sugar.
11-The produces an acidic juice to kill the bacteria in the food and enzymes that proteins.
12-The produces bile that is used for emulsification of fats.
13-Excess water is by the large intestine.